Mum Little - Past Supreme Worthy Advisor

Mrs. Linda Little became Canada's fifth Supreme Deputy on April 1, 1988, upon the retirement of Mrs. Mary C. Holdsworth, who had been Canada's Supreme Member since 1956. Mum Little became involved with Rainbow in the early 1970s when her older daughter Cheryl joined Hamilton Assembly #1. She joined the Advisory Board in 1974 and received her Grand Cross of Colour in 1978. She served as Mother Advisor for the 1979-1980 year. In 1982, Mum Little was appointed to the Senior Grand Executive Committee and remained a member until 1988, when she became Supreme Deputy.

During her years as Canada's Supreme Member, Mum Little instituted some enduring Canadian traditions. The first is Rainbow Treasures, Canada's Rainbow newsletter, which is still circulating today. The second is Grandy Camp, which has become a very important event in Canada's Rainbow year -- second only to Grand Assembly. Mum Little was elected to Supreme Assembly's House of Gold in 1994 and was subsequently honoured with three terms as an appointed Supreme officer: Supreme Fidelity 1996-98 and Supreme Service 1998-2002. Mum Little's leadership in Supreme Assembly was recognized when she was elected Supreme Faith in 2002, Supreme Hope in 2004, Supreme Charity in 2006 and Supreme Worthy Associate Advisor in 2008. These are the first steps in the journey to the position of Supreme Worthy Advisor. Mum Little is the first Canadian to achieve such high Supreme Office.