Scholarship forms dated 2020 are available from the Mother Advisors or Scholarship chairperson.

COVID19 update:
Active girls must still have original forms to their Mother Advisor for approval by their advisory board and appropriate signatures before being submitted. Mother Advisors have instructions on the submission process for this year only.

Majority members may submit forms electronically for this year only with recommendations sent to the Scholarship Chairperson by the signors. Originals must be retained for submission to the Scholarship Chairperson when COVID allows.

As always, financial forms must be mailed to Mum K. per application instructions.

Deadlines outlined on the forms still apply.

Background information

The Mary C. Holdsworth Scholarship Fund of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls awards scholarships on an annual basis to deserving active and majority rainbow girls. The fund started in 1990, honouring our first Supreme Inspector, Mrs. Holdsworth. At that time two scholarships were awarded at $75.00 each. Since that time, over 200 scholarships have been awarded totalling approximately $100,000.

To qualify for a scholarship you must be an active or majority Rainbow girl in Canada, in good standing and attending post-secondary education. The criteria for being awarded a scholarship is based primarily on the applicant's involvement in their assembly, school and community, together with academic achievements. Applicants may apply each year that they attend college/university.

Forms are available each year in February from any Mother Advisor or the Chairperson of the Scholarship committee.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the
Scholarship committee chairperson

2019 Recipients & Scholarship committee