Marina DeMerchant Advisor of the Year Award

We tend to overlook and underestimate the amount of dedication, hard work and support so many adults put into our organization. The same people who work so hard to make Rainbow a great organization to belong to are there to help us grow as individuals. If you feel that there is an Advisor in Rainbow who has helped you personally, or others in some way, who should be recognized, please honour their dedication with a nomination to be recognized as the Marina DeMerchant Advisor of the Year.

Marina DeMerchant was a Past Mother Advisor of Victoria Assembly #18. She worked tirelessly in support of the Assembly and for each of its members. Marina was the heart and soul of her Assembly for its entire existence. She changed many girl's lives for the better. It is in recognition of her selfless service that this Award has been named in her honour.

Previous Recipients of the Marina DeMerchant Advisor of the Year Award
2018 Martyn Morris
2017 Stephanie Charbonneau
2016 Marlene Davies
2015 Kathy Lackey
2014 Page Valiquette
2013 Sandra Witterick
2012 Linda Little
2011 Tom Lloyd

The 2020 deadline for Mother Advisors to mail nomination submissions to Mum K is June 15/2020.

Docx version of submission form

PDF version of submission form