Program Ads

Each year a Program Ad book is produced for Grand Assembly. A Program Ad can be anything from a congratulations message to a business card.

Those who do not have direct contacts with assemblies have the opportunity to contribute to our book. (Masons, OES, Out of Jurisdiction Rainbow girls, parents, friends, etc.)

Profits from the program ads are divided 50/50 between Grand Assembly and the Scholarship Fund.

Assemblies are requested to mail one cheque (payable to Grand Assembly of Canada) for all their Program Ads. The cheque and ads are to be sent to the designated contact in the email sent out by Mum K in March.
NOTE: This is a change from previous years, when the cheques were sent separately.

The 2020 deadline is June 15/2020.

Click here to see pricing sheet for Program Ads
Please ensure these sizing guidelines are followed, verify that ads fit into the appropriate boxes, and don't go outside the boundaries, otherwise the ad might get cut off.